PHOTOS Adrianne Palicki is the new ‘Wonder Woman’

Adrianne Palicki wiil star in the Wonder Woman reboot

After much speculation and innuendo we finally have an official announcement for which young lady is going to fill the big sexy boots of Lynda Carter and portray Wonder Woman in David E. Kelly’s TV reboot of the popular classic show.

NBC has revealed that Friday Night Lights alum Adrianne Palicki will be the one to wield the whip in hopes that the show can be reborn anew and return to become a ratings bonanza. Deadline Hollywood has put a Wonder-boot down on all the previously rumored possible Wonder Women by stating that:

Palicki won the role of Wonder Woman, closely associated with Lynda Carter, who played Diana Prince in the 1970s series, in a decisive manner – she was the only actress invited to test for it. Wonder Woman reunites Palicki with the pilot’s director Jeff Reiner who previously served as director/co-executive producer on Friday Night Lights for the series’ early run on NBC.

Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

So how does the irreplaceable hot legend Lynda Carter fill about her replacement.  She couldn’t be happier according to a recent tweet:

Here is the necessary side-by-side comparison so we can get an idea of exactly how Adrienne looks next to the living Wonder Woman legend.

Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki and Lynda Carter
^Lynda Carter: YouTube / Adrianne Palicki: Apega –

This will be an extremely demanding role for Palicki.  Not only will she have to squeeze that curvaceous frame into the Wonder Woman suit and rock many of her own stunts but she’ll also have to portray WW’s alter-ego billionaire CEO Diana Themyscira AND Diana’s demure assistant Diana Prince.

So what do you think of the casting decision and furthermore the decision to try and recreate a previous TV icon?

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