PHOTOS A sexy Mariah Carey arrives for Late Night With David Letterman

Mariah Carey showed off her full figure outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre

Singer (and actress!) Mariah Carey gave everyone a ‘Vision of Love’ outside The Ed Sullivan Theater as she arrived for an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman to promote her new movie Precious.

A brick wall is the perfect backdrop for Miss Carey because she IS a briiiiiick houuuse! She is stacked, packed and ready to attract – and that’s a fact Jack! Mariah must have spoken to Tim Gunn after that last batch of unflattering beach photos surfaced featuring her in exactly the wrong swimsuit for her figure, because this form-fitting dress accentuates all of MC’s accentuate-ables!

Mariah Carey before her appearance on David Letterman

Mariah Carey is a brick house!

Oh, and I suppose I should mention that in addition to her stacktrulescence, Mariah’s countenance is absolutely glowing! I would try to start a pregnancy rumor but I think I will chalk it up to the fact that her movie Precious was released in select cities this weekend and it is FANTASTIC! I drove all the way to the big city to see it and it was not a disappointment! (We’re working on a rave review as I type.) Though Mariah’s role was relatively small, she should certainly be glowing because she did a great job and was a part of a project that is going to change people’s lives and shed a little light into some very dark places.

Oh, and Mariah has a new CD out as well – it’s called Memoirs from and Imperfect Angel and features 17 new tracks and 4 remixes! Congratulations Mariah! I’m happy for you – you’ve always seemed to me to be quite the pleasant diva.

Oh, and she’s stacked!

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