PHOTO Farrah Abraham visits International Culinary School at The Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham and daughter Sophia look for an apartment in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham looks to be making preparations to leave her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa behind and move to Fort Lauderdale, Florida!

The reality star was photographed out and about in South Florida visiting an open house at The International Culinary School at The Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale before teaming up with a Realtor and looking at apartments for rent! She concluded her day with a trip to the beach with Sophia to collect shells.

Speaking of Sophia, she was seriously workin’ that toddler mojo doing the cutey pie strut!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia Abraham in Fort Lauderdale Florida

The MTV film crew was reportedly in tow, so even if Farrah doesn’t move to Ft. Lauderdale, the decision will most certainly be a major plot point in the upcoming season of Teen Mom.

In case you missed it, this isn’t the first time Farrah has made the trip to the Sunshine State. She visited Disney World in Orlando with her daughter Sophia in December just before showing off her amazing post-pregnancy bikini body on the beach!


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20 thoughts on “PHOTO Farrah Abraham visits International Culinary School at The Arts Institute of Fort Lauderdale

  1. Farrah does Not have her head screwed on straight. Does she have any idea what she is putting poor little Sophia through? She is so overwhelmed with “thinking” that she is someone famous! NOT! She just makes me ill. If you look at the magazine photos of her and Sophia, it’s quite obvious that she is FAKE kissing Sophia, and Acting like she’s a loving mother to her. Sophia is just a golden ticket in her eyes. Your day will come Farrah when reality smacks you in the face. Unbelievable!!!! Best of luck to you, Sophia. God knows you’re going to need it! CPS needs to keep an eye on Farrah!!

        1. Some people will just b!tch and complain about anything they can. Farrah has some issues but she is a good mom.

    1. i think farrah is doing a good job why would she want to leave her babe with her mother. her mother is trien to take sophia away from her mother that is very stupid.. farrah u made it this far on ur own and u can do the same in florida trust me… u can.. and u need to move away from ur parents anyway..

  2. ^^ You really need to get your facts straight. I absoloutley thinks this girl loves that child. She obviously has been through enough, and she just like to keep things on the downlow, and she doesn’t need to go through everything people are putting her through. I personally like her. At first I didn’t but then I realized she’s been through so much. She needs people to be there for her and she does have great friends. I think that she’s doing her job and she’s doing a good one. I hope she keeps this up and teaches Sophia what the meaning of all this is, and she goes far in life without her father. I know she will because i’ve been without a father since I was 4.

  3. Farrah has come a LOOONNNNNNNGGGGGGG way. I think that if she’s moving for her career she’s doing the right thing. WAY 2 GO FARRAH1
    Leave your negative, no good mother behind

  4. I always wondered if Farrah seriously wanted to go to culinary school, OR if she was just living out Derrick’s dream …

  5. Farrah-As I watched her episodes she behaved very poorly in decision making Most of all her attitude was horrible towards everyone around her.she presented herself as very self entitled .And you can blame it on her parents ,her age ,not having a father or mate for the child and her.look in grown up world mothers are working single .and faced w/different challenges suck it up and earn your keep.!!!! Respect is earned not given!!!!

  6. That lady is unstable and I’m glad that she doesn’t get to see sophia. She is full of shit

  7. Wow i swear people are haters yo ! She does have a nice body i mean no body has everything exactly perfect unless its doneeee and she has a pretty face i mean look at her modeling pictures which i bet have of the people saying negative comments wish they had .And 2nd she is a good mother and has stepped up to her responsibility with her baby by givinfg her a roof and everything the baby needs plussssss going to school and actually graduating,Which half off teen moms dont even get there and has been strong to do all that w.out her main comfort which is her baby daddy that died…and yea sometimes get dumb with her mother but think about it if your bf died and you were left pregnant and ur baby would grow up w.out a dad i mean come on thats something that she will keep forever in her and so would sofia…. So i wishhhh you all the best farrah your an amazing mom and person … By the way sofia is beautiful

    1. she is leaving her child or at least thinking about leaving her child for at LEAST 2 years who cares if she is doing it for school. The point is she will put the child through the loss of a second parent. The only reason she is able to put a roof over sofias head and go to school is because of the show I think you people forget that they pay her to be on the show, and since she is getting payed that is asking people to be in her business. I was a teen mom my self and I worked went to school (that i had to drive a hour away to EVERY DAY)and kept a roof over my childs head the whole time with out anyones help. Being a young mother is a hard job and not everyone can cut it. Farrah is sort of trying, id like to see what happens when all these girls turn 21 I think alot of you people wont back them up then.

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