PHOTO St. Vincent with Lady Gaga

Annie Clark St. Vincent with Lady Gaga

In 1968 Andy Warhol said in an exhibition catalog that “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” and with the advent of reality television he appears to have been dead on the money! But to quote another wise man from the ’60s “the times they are a-changin'” and I think it might be time to adjust Warhol’s wise words to read: “In the future, everyone will get to be with Lady GaGa for 15 minutes.”

The latest beneficiary of the New World Order is alternative darling St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark), who tweeted the above photo earlier today with the caption “This really happened. Like, really.” I like Lady GaGa, I like St. Vincent and I like Elmo, which means I LOVE this photo! That’s three layers of yumminess in my book!

I’m not sure where the photo was taken, but LG performed in Las Vegas last night so that would be my guess.

A brief bio of Annie Erin Clark (St. Vincent) for all you jealous GaGa admirers…

Annie started off in the music business as tour manager for Tuck and Patti, which featured her uncle. She joined The Polyphonic Spree as guitarist and background vocalist (on their third album, Fragile Army) after dropping out of Berklee College of Music. She later joined Sufjan Stevens‘ touring band in 2006 (which is where I first encountered her) and later released two albums titled Marry Me (2007) and Actor (2009).

Here are a couple of St. Vincent videos from YouTube, beginning with “Jesus Saves, I Spend” from Marry Me followed by “Actor out of Work” from Actor.

Annie’s stage name St. Vincent is in reference to the hospital in which Dylan Thomas died. “It’s the place where poetry comes to die,” says Annie. “That’s me.”