PHOTO Spanish women’s water polo player suffers Olympics’ first wardrobe malfunction!

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What’s a huge televised sporting event without a woman’s boob popping out? (Cue: Janet Jackson’s “Nasty Girl”)

NBC had a D’ohlympics moment during a rare, non-tape-delayed segment (otherwise known as “live”) of the women’s water polo match between Spain and the United Steats States. NBC cut to an underwater view of the action and just as the broadcaster commented, ‘You see a lot of suit grabbing going on underwater,’ US player Kamie Craig tugged on an opposing Spanish player’s swimsuit, exposing her la sandia (aka watermelon) (aka breast) for the world to see.

Click for the super-sized uncensored not SFW version:
Click for unedited Spanish women's Olympic water polo player wardrobe malfunction

No word yet if the FCC plans to fine NBC hundreds of thousands of dollars as it did after Janet Jackson’s infamous “Nipplegate” episode during her Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime performance.

Forget the breast popping out (I say the more the merrier!), my big complaint is that we’re watching women’s water polo live (no issue there) while being forced to watch gymnastics and other high-profile events on a tape delay after unavoidably having the results spoiled by the internet beforehand! Not to mention the fact that NBC is reportedly doing a bit of creative editing in their broadcasts of these high-profile, tape-delayed events to heighten the drama and suspense. To that, I say “Boooooooooo!”