PHOTO Ryan Lochte’s dog endures Sexiest Man Alive photo shoot

Ryan Lochte's dog Carter watches him pose

It’s been brought to my attention that we’ve been severely lacking in our Speedo Bliss and cute animal posts so I figured I’d knock both of those demands out with the help of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

The above photo of the JEAH man’s glorious beach lounging comes to you courtesy of People (no I didn’t put that logo on the image – it’s real y’all). Ryan was one of the beefcakes listed in the mag’s recent Sexiest Man Alive issue featuring 2012 winner Channing Tatum.

Ryan seems like the kind of fellar who would use his dog to help get him laid and it turns out that’s exactly right. He told People about his 5-year-old Doberman Carter’s ways with the ladies:

“He is a good wingman because he’s a beautiful dog. Girls come up to me and go, ‘Oh my god, where’s Carter? He’s so good looking!’ He’s my best friend and I love him. I just need to take him wherever I go and I’ll be set.”

JEAH bro! Man, I wonder what Doberman Carter is thinking in this particular gem? Here’s my shot at captioning this glorious Lochte pose:

“Hey Ryan, I don’t like boats and I think something’s missing in them there man panties – don’t make me call PETA.”

Please feel free to show me up with your own caption of what’s going through Carter’s doggie thoughts below.