PHOTO Michelle Rodriguez exposes can at Cannes

Actress Michelle Rodriguez glows in black bikini

When in Rome do as the Romans do but when in Cannes expose your can!  This was the accidental battle cry of the always banging and beautiful Michelle Rodriguez as she enjoyed a swinging, diving and mooning good time with some compadres at the Eden Roc hotel near Cannes, France.  Perhaps she’s a fan of Uma Thurman and wanted to run with her can at Cannes trend setting?

The 32-year-old actress is known for performing her own stunts and the Battle: Los Angeles star was adventuresome to say the least as she made full use of the ocean side props provided by Eden Roc including a swing and cliffs for diving.  It’s as if the designers of all this stuff were attempting to create a playground to manufacture wardrobe malfunctions.  Michelle was accommodating as she emerged from the waters and… well… THIS!

You can click on the image for a full page unpixelated shot of Rodriguez’s addictive crack Roc.  Her bottoms weren’t the only thing the actress misplaced as she was seen thanking a stranger for finding a bracelet she had misplaced.  My heart always pounds for the kindness and behindness of strangers!  Rodriguez has been taking full advantage of her French get-away as she was seen out at the famous VIP Room later to do a little clubbing.

PHOTOS: KCSPresse / Splash News