PHOTO Kate Winslet’s wax likeness is eerily great

Kate Winslet wax likeness

When Leonardo DiCaprio’s character from Titanic, Jack, drew his beloved Rose, portrayed by actress Kate Winslet, he did a pretty good job of recreating her. His reward has some backseat nookie on a sinking ship. Well if that’s the case I’m not sure what Kate will have to give the folks with Madame Tussauds because her wax likeness is uncanny.

Kate’s wax sculpture, England’s equivalent to a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, was unveiled today and it’s fantastic even by Tussauds’ high standards. The image recreates Kate’s look from the Emmy Awards back in September featuring the same Elie Saab red dress.

Kate Winslet won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for 2008’s The Reader. She’s also received 5 other Academy Award nominations. She’s personally one of my favorites so I was glad to see Tussauds hit a home run with their likeness. Anywho, here is the all important side-by-side so that you can decide for yourself:

Kate Winslet next to her wax likeness at Madame Tussauds

Pretty amazing stuff!


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