PHOTO – Jwoww looks pretty and sweet in her floppy romantic hat

It’s hard to deny it. Jersey Shore’s bad girl Jenni Jwoww Farley is a pretty lady sometimes (the rest of the time, she’s a pretty tough lady who will knock your teeth into your ankles if you look at her wrong, or a hot chick making unfortunate fashion choices). Shes looks especially lovely in this big floppy hat while filming Jersey Shore season 4 in Florence, Italy, and a simple dark blouse. She wore this same hat the other day with a pink tie-dye shirt, and it didn’t exactly have the same effect.

Jwoww has an unique talent of going from trashy to elegant in seconds, something her costar BFF Snooki doesn’t exactly share. Not that Snooki doesn’t have her charms.

There’s a good chance that when Jwoww grows up to be Jenni Farley, she’s might actually become the fashion icon she craves to be.

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