PHOTO First Annual Tiger Woods Mistress Parade!

The First Annual Tiger Woods Mistress Bikini Parade

Here is a glimpse into the future – a brighter future without the judgmental conservatism that frowns upon those individuals living the Tiger Woods mistress lifestyle.

Millions of cocktail waitresses, bartenders, stewardesses, McDonald’s drive through attendants, strippers and every other hot-bodied female that has allowed Tiger to “play through” will be able to come out of the closet and walk down the street with pride and very little clothing! The Annual Tiger Woods Mistress Parade will be an event celebrated all over the world, with young ladies marching through cities, towns, villages and hamlets strutting their “Woods goods” in tight little bikinis.

The parades in larger cities culminate with the women taking up arms in the form of golf clubs and smashing the windows out of an SUV, symbolizing the moment they first began to be recognized as a people.

The event raises millions for the world’s underprivileged as each participant is required to donate 5% of their Tiger settlement to charity.

(Click the above image for a larger version.)

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