PHOTO David Beckham shares his junk


“Who’s there?”

“UPS. We have a huge package here for you from one David Beckham.”

(I guess you would call that “junk” mail?)

As if numerous shirtless photos, sextacular family portraits, jaunts on mantasy motorbikes, and elaborate Christ-inspired tattoos weren’t enough, soccer star David Beckham wanted to make sure that we were well aware that his baby making machinery is more than adequate by hiking up his shorts while playing in a match with the LA Galaxy on August 21st, 2011.

You may ask yourself how he’s able to pack all of that junk in there, but the answer is quite simple really – you just have to bend it like Beckham. Hi-yooooooooooo!!!

And of course we have one looooooooooooooooong last look at Mr. David Junkham…

Photo: London Entertainment / Splash News