PHOTO and VIDEO Robert Gibbs mocks Sarah Palin with shopping list crib sheet

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs pokes fun at Sarah Palin

Barack Obama’s administration is facing a lot of scrutiny lately, which is not good if you’re White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. So what does any Democratic Party spokesperson (or late night comedian, or talk show host, or cartoonist…) do when he or she is in desperate need of an easy laugh? That’s right – make fun of Sarah Palin!

And that’s exactly what Robert Gibbs did following Barack Obama’s surprise appearance at today’s White House press briefing by revealing a shopping list written on the palm of his left hand, which was an obvious reference to Sarah Palin’s gaff at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville Saturday night in which she was caught with notes written on her left hand during her speech to the Convention.

Gibbs joked that the list – which included eggs, milk, bread (crossed out), hope and change – was there to remind him what to get so he could make pancakes for Ethan in case it snowed. “Hope” and “change” were there “just in case I forgot.”

Palin’s notorious crib sheet included:

Budget cuts
Lift Americans Spirits

Robert Gibbs’ attempt at humor was a little awkward and clumsy, unlike the master Palin who set up her hilarity perfectly by knocking Obama in her speech as “a charismatic guy with a Teleprompter.”

I used to think no one would ever be able to hang with Dan Quayle, but Sarah Palin’s creativeness and subtlety has me wondering if she might eventually overtake DQ. Where are you Dan?!? Do not go quietly into that dark night of obscurity! It is time to come out of public spotlight retirement and defend your title!

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