Perez Hilton moves from Miley to Momsen with inappropriate tweets

The controversial self described “Queen Of All Media” Perez Hilton has moved on from Miley Cyrus and has now set his twitter inappropriate under-aged stun-gun on pop singer Taylor Momsen.  The two have been going back in forth in a Twitter war involving the discussion of bedroom toys.  Taylor is 16 and it seems like Hilton is bound and determined to get himself in trouble.

Here is a breakdown of the Twitter adult toy throwdown.  The first haymaker thrown was by Perez Hilton in response to a recent interview with Disorder Magazine in which Momsen is paraphrased as stating:

“Momsen also grins when asked if she’s single, and replies that she is, that she’s not into guys, waits a beat, then adds she’s not gay but just bored of men and her best friend is her vibrator.”

This comment set off Perez’s “hey another under 18 girl I can make crude and borderline illegal comments to and about” alarm.  He put up a post on his website with the sensational headline, “16 Year Old Taylor Momsen Can’t Live Without Her Dildo!!”

Taylor caught wind of the post and had a little something to say, or should I say tweet about it:

As we have all come to expect, Perez couldn’t leave it at that and his next response just took this whole sordid thing to the next level, a level that is uncomfortable at best.  Perez provided a little suggestion for Taylor:

You can check out the image of what Perez attached here but be warned it is an inappropriate image for work.  It is another adult toy but one of a particularly graphic nature.  Obviously Taylor was offended by the Perez suggestion and retaliated with the following comment bringing up the whole Miley Cyrus upskirt controversy:

Unsurprisingly the jail threat did not deter Hilton from responding to Taylor.  He fired back with this quick insult:

It may still be going back and forth but I’ll stop right there.  So what is your opinion of this latest Perez vs. under-aged girl twitter post.  Has he gone too far or is he brilliantly swimming close to the danger zone while bringing tons of attention to his blog?  Taylor Momsen is known for her overtly provocative attire and as the original vibrator comment indicates, her adult themes but does this green-light Perez to do what he did?  I have to say I’m not sure on this one.

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