Paris Hilton bikini photos from Maui, Hawaii

PAris Hilton wearing a sexy bikini in Maui Hawaii

It’s a Hilton sister bikini fest here at this morning! First we had Nicky Hilton looking mighty hawt in a teeny tiny two-piece and now older sister Paris Hilton dons a similarly skimpy seashell-themed bikini, reminding us all that no matter what gets said about her, she is still damn fine!

She’s striking some awkward poses in these pictures, but that fact does very little to take away from the bikini bliss, especially when most of us mainlanders are suffering through sub-freezing temperatures and desperate for whatever sort of hawtness we can find!

Paris Hilton shows off her sexy bod in a tiny bikini in Hawaii

The world’s most talked about celebutante is vacationing in Hawaii for the holidays with her family and her boyfriend Cy Waits, who took part in a little non-night-vision, rated PG-13 sex tape action with with his special lady in between catching some rays and not getting arrested:

Paris Hilton and boyfriend Cy Waits kiss on the beach in Maui Hawaii

And here are a couple more to round things out. Remember, you can click on any of these Paris Hilton bikini pictures to see larger images in the gallery and you can click on those for some super-sized nearly nude Paris Hilton frolicking fun!

Paris Hilton proves she can rub her stomach and pat her head at the same time

Paris Hilton looking sexy in a teeny tiny seashell print bikini in Hawaii