Over 150 Hailey Glassman Photos! With Jon Gosselin, A Joint, A Gun, Passed Out, Thongs…

22-year old Hailey Glassman has discovered the fast-track to fame by dating Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8. The two were first seen together on surveillance camera footage from a bar on Bourbon Street in Nyack, NY. The meeting took place on May 24 and The National Enquirer obtained exclusive rights to the video and published stills in their magazine. Those photos haven’t surfaced on the internet yet, only an image of the cover:

Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman caught on surveillance camera

After the National Enquirer article, the damn burst wide open. The remaining galleries are in no particular order and I will try to add to them as more photos of Hailey Glassman surface online.

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The first group of photos are the best and are taken from Hailey’s facebook page. (It’s hard to believe these were still there!) Click on the image for the gallery page:

Hailey Glassman facebook photos

Radar Online recently uncovered a mugshot of Hailey stemming from an arrest for possession of marijuana while she was a student at Indiana University. Radar Online sums up the incident this way:

Glassman was busted by cops on a drug charge. She was hanging out with friends in a parking lot outside her dorm at Indiana University at 3:18am in October 2, 2005 when a cop spotted them passing a pipe back and forth. Hailey was a student at the Bloomington, Indiana campus at the time. She was charged with possession of marijuana, hashish and hashish oil and appeared in Monroe Circuit Court in Bloomington the next day.

Hailey settled out of court and was arrested again in 2007 for illegal consumption of alcohol. She once again paid a fine and the charges were dropped. Here is her mug shot as well as the record of her arrest. (Click on the arrest report to zoom in or click here to dowload the full-size pdf file.):

Hailey Glassman mug shot

Hailey Glassman arrest report

Radar Online obtained these wild photos from a friend of Hailey’s and feature Hailey drinkin’, tokin’ and playing with guns. (RO says its a BB gun):

Hailey Glassman photos from radar online

Here are some more Radar Online photos from Jon and Hailey’s first intentionally public outing, featuring their trip to St. Tropez and meeting with uber-douche Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier to discuss a line of children’s clothing:

Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin in St. Tropez

Nice quality images of Jon and Hailey at Bauer-Griffin:

Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin from Bauer-Griffin online

OK – I ran out of steam on creating those thumbnail galleries! Just text links from here on out…

Here are 47 photos of the St. Tropez trip from TMZ.

33 St. Tropez photos from X17online.

And here are 19 more from Zimbio.

Lastly, a little video from youtube (it has a few more photos from facebook that I missed out on)

That’s all I have for now! Please leave a comment if you know where any more Hailey photos are online, especially if they are of Hailey before she and Jon hooked up!

****UPDATE 7/15/09 – Radar Online has new photos of America’s favorite party mistress:

Hailey Glassman from Radar Online

Ooooooh – and Radar Online also has the security video footage of Jon and Hailey hookin’ up waaaaaay back in May: (Click the photo)

Hailey Glassman Jon Gosselin security camera footage

Check out pantsless Hailey bong action here.

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Jon Gosselin has since cheated on Hailey with tabloid reporter Kate Major and babysitter Stephanie Santoro.

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