Original ‘Music From Big Pink’ painting by Bob Dylan for sale for $18 million

Music From Big Pink album cover

Rock and Roll history ain’t cheap, at least not when you’re talking about original artwork from the most influential musician of the last 100 years used as an album cover for one of the most important rock and roll albums ever!

I’m sure most internet surfers are anesthetized to the overuse of superlatives, but I’m not bulls**ttin’ ya here, I’m talking about Bob Dylan and The Band’s Music From Big Pink! That’s right, you can own the original painting by Bob Dylan used as the iconic cover art for The Band’s 1968 debut release! According to The Band’s Facebook page:

THE BAND If anyone is interested, the painting from the cover of Music From Big Pink is for sale…!!! A mere $18 million and it’s yours. Looks like Bob will have a pretty nice payday.

After numerous people commented on the post wondering if the statement was true or not “The Band” responded with:

THE BAND yes, bob still owns the painting and is selling it. he’s doing an art show with the gagosian gallery.

I did some checking and although there is no information at this time about a Gagosian Gallery Bob Dylan show, their website does have a Bob Dylan listing under their “Artists.”

So all you Dylan/The Band fans out there it’s time to start busting up those piggy banks! This is your chance to own the fruition of Bob’s lyrical promise of “When I Paint My Masterpiece!”

Here are a few highlights from the album itself, with a quote from AllMusic.com about the record:

Music from Big Pink came off as a shockingly divergent musical statement only a year after the ornate productions of Sgt. Pepper, and initially attracted attention because of the three songs Bob Dylan had either written or co-written. However, as soon as “The Weight” became a minor singles chart entry, the album and the group made their own impact, influencing a movement toward roots styles and country elements in rock. Over time, Music from Big Pink came to be regarded as a watershed work in the history of rock, one that introduced new tones and approaches to the constantly evolving genre.

Tears of Rage

The Weight (Take a load off Fanny)

This Wheel’s On Fire” (Mono Version)

***I’ve noticed that there are varying images of this famous piece of art, most of which are a bit dark like the photo at the top of this post. (This includes the image on the cover of the remastered CD release) But, there are a few instances in which the painting looks a lot lighter and more “colorful” like the reprinted promotional poster on the back of the Capitol CD booklet. So, I thought I would include a lighter version for you here – after all, you’re considering dropping 18 mill on this right? (My guess is that the darker version is more accurate to the original.)

Music From Big Pink painting by Bob Dylan