Nothing To Do With Anything – Creepy Preacher

This post has nothing to do with celebrities or gossip. I was cleaning out some old drawers and found this newspaper ad I had clipped out long ago and decided to share it with the starcasm audience. I suppose the days of stockpiling oddball crap for fear of them being lost forever are pretty much over, and I have to say it is quite relieving to digitize “Evilly Graham” and relinquish the burden of being the sole caretaker of this magical artifact! So enjoy everyone, and be sure to stockpile it away in the virtual drawers of your email inbox so you will have the pleasure of stumbling on it again years down the road.

Creepy Preacher - Evilly Graham

Crazy Preacher as The Joker

****UPDATE 01/09/09 – Thanks to commenter Daniel Ted who suggested ol’ Chris Miller looked like the Joker. If we had a prize, you’d win it! (“This town needs a spiritual enema!”)

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