Newlyweds: The First Years’ Kim asks her bridesmaids to lose weight

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On Bravo’s Newlyweds: The First Year, Kimberly Gedeon has a strange request for her bridesmaids: Lose weight! Is this a reasonable thing to ask of the ladies you’re already asking to drop everything to help you plan your special day?

When they meet up for lunch, Kim’s friend Sha says “I knew Kim was crazy when she asked us to lose weight.” Kim looks incredulous “Why do you think that’s crazy?”

“I love those girls,” Kim says. “But they see things one way, I see things another way.”

“I thought it would be perfect if they looked as flawless as possible, so I asked them all to lose weight,” she says in an interview. She explains to her friends, “I look at bodies all the time, I’m a stylist. I’m not even asking for a zero, I’m not talking about Mary-Kate. I’m talking about losing weight where it looks great on camera and great on film.” She later adds, “It’s so shallow, I know, but I can’t imagine that I’m the slimmest one there and I just have a long line of chubby bridesmaids.”

Her friends try to explain to her that it’s not even the weight loss request that offended them, it’s the threat that they couldn’t be in the wedding if they didn’t lose weight. Kim responded with “I’m sorry, but I’ve seen all you guys smaller.”

Would you lose weight if you were one of Kim’s bridesmaids? I think I would probably just not attend.

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