PHOTOS of Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie, and Colin Donnell on set of ABC’s Pan Am

Christina Ricci Pan Am Margot Robbie

Here are some fun photos from the set of ABC’s new period drama Pan Am. Show headliner Christina Ricci was joined by castmates Margot Robbie (an Australian actress making her American debut,) Kelli Garner and Colin Donnell (a hottie from Broadway) while filming a scene in Manhattan. (From the looks of the picket signs, they are actually pretending to be abroad.)

Pan Am, which is billing itself as a cross between Mad Men (style) and Grey’s Anatomy (romantic entanglements,) is produced by a former stewardess. The fashion is sure to be fab, and the creators are working hard to make sure the show stays true to the 1960s time period, with one exception: there will be no smoking on the show at all. In the 60s’ stewardesses, pilots, and passengers were constantly lighting up in the air, and at the terminals. The producers felt that watching the cast casually light up would be too impressionable.

I’m loving the fashion in these shots! Christina’s dress and gloves are too cute, Margot’s powder blue dress really brings out her eyes, Kelli’s match-match green ensemble flatters her red hair, and Colin simply looks hopelessly dashing.

Kelli Garner green Pan Am

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Christina Ricci and Colin Donnell

Margot Robbie relaxes Pan Am set blue dress

Pan Am christina Ricci and Colin Donnell

Pam Am AB Margot Robbie blue dress

Christina Ricci Colin Donnell Margot Robbie Pan Am

Pan Am premieres Sept. 25 at 10 pm. EST on ABC, are you as excited as we are to see this smart new series?

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