Music Review: Landon Pigg’s “The Boy Who Never” – Plus watch Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop Video


Landon Pigg hit the big screen as Ellen Page’s droolworthy love interest in Drew Barrymore’s Whip It, but he’s more than just a cute boy. Pigg is the singer-songwriter behind the perfectly infectious song featured in De Beers and AT&T commercials “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop,” and recently released his sophmore album, The Boy Who Never, featuring a great new arrangement of that charming song.

The rest of the songs on The Boy Who Never have a similar sweet vibe to “Falling in Love . . .” and feature Landon’s honey voice spilling over addictive riff. At times Pigg sounds like a less tortured Elliot Smith, especially in “Look so Tired”.

The melodies are smooth, mellow, and pop-catchy, but the songs carry an underlying anxiety. The title track “The Boy Who Never,” addresses directly the feeling that inaction might be better than trying and failing, especially when matters of the heart are involved.

Overall, Landon Pigg’s sophmore album is a solid, sweet tribute to the not-so-secret tender places in the human heart. Once you hear it once, you’ll want to play The Boy Who Never on repeat.

Watch the music video for “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” below:

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