Mug Shots: Cougar, 71, and boy-toy, 51, arrested for nude car nookie

71-year-old "Chick" Rita Daniels

If the Buick is a rockin’ Golden Girl hopes the cops don’t come a knockin!

71-year-old Rita Daniels was gettin’ her buck naked car-cougar on with her boy-toy, 51-year-old Tim Adams, when a City of Farmington, Michigan police officer opened the rear door to find out why a parked 2002 Buick was all steamed up. Tim then gave one of the best answers to an obvious question you will ever read:

“I’m f**king this chick.”

You read that right folks. Not only did Timmy boy point out the freaking obvious to the police officer but he also referred to his septuagenarian lady-friend as a “chick.” Here’s a little mood music while you read the rest of this story:

According to the official police report said Buick was parked in a shopping center parking lot adjacent to a restaurant. Customers who just enjoyed themselves a delicious meal had their tummies upset by witnessing the completely naked pair of Tim and Rita dirty back-seat dancing. This included a 10-year-old boy who probably needs some counseling now.

Tim Adams arrested for car sex with 71-year-old "chick"

A subsequent investigation revealed the fact that Tim and his “chick’s” courtship was a brief, if not steamy, affair. The two had hooked up at a bar nearby and moved on down to the Buick later. When asked by the authorities neither one knew the other lover’s name (that explains the “chick” thing I suppose). A breathalyzer test captured Rita’s blood alcohol content at .15, nearly doubling up the state limit.

Both Rita and Tim face misdemeanor charges for indecent exposure and public intoxication.

I want to personally thank Tim for his incredible answer and Rita for getting out there and getting some action but I think we all can agree when I say…


Mug Shots: Splashnews

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