Morning Starbuzz: 5/15/09


This morning’s Starbuzz is brought to you by Cleveland, OH, because it’s not Detroit:

Check out the other funny Cleveland video at Glosslip.

Aww look internet, a cat OMG!!

I’m gonna have to make different plans this weekend Accidental Sexiness

The economy has finally gotten the Gottis. Can we organize some sort of bail-out about this? I’m speed dialing Obama right now – Anything Hollywood

Simon Crowell’s a real softie at heart. – TEN Gossip

Check out all the cool swag you can get when you bring six children into this cold cruel world at once – Babble

Lady GaGa promises to never lipsync, and that’s all well and good, but what really makes her authentic and fabulous is following on twitter. Lady’s got class, and a nice ass. – Glosslip

Dita’s wonderbras are still not available in the U.S. Why does she hate us? – Busy Bee

The job market gets more competitive every day, can you pass Tiggy’s exam? – tiggyblog

Oh snap! Stellan Skarsgard brings it to Dan Brown – Evil Beet

Starcasm’s fav “housewife” is reportedly getting naked for PETA! Somebody call Ramona Singer immediately because Ramona demands to be informed whenever a girl takes her clothes off. – The Hollywood Gossip

You can find some pics of Jennifer Aniston clutching a child for dear life at Dlisted, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Below we have one of our “exclusive” stills from Jen’s new movie The Baster:


Actually, that might be a candid pic of Jen at home. Either way, someone needs to tell her she’ll never get pregnant that way. It’s only good manners, just ask Countess Luann.