Morning Starbuzz: 5/13/09


Tori Amos and Shirley MacClaine
Is Shirley really Tori’s long-lost mother? TMZ

Dreams turned to nightmares: what if My Little Ponies were Real? Pink Sheep of the Family

If you look real close at this Magic Eye I’m told you’ll see a prince – I Need My Fix

I just feel sorry for the innocent back-up singers – Celebslam

The next cover for Douche Bagazine is in this video – Amy Grindhouse

Kelly Clarkson’s appearance sucks without a personal stylist and a hairbrush – Glosslip

What Britney snacks on when she’s feeling fancy – Busy Bee

Madonna and Jesus are getting married, there’s really no other way to say it – Agent Bedhead

Cher invented a time machine or something, I think she also developed an invisibility potion but NOBODY’s been blogging about that this week – Allie is Wired

All vegetarians ever care about is sex – Popbytes

Why does the chick who found the trail of Twilight scripts and got the magic prize have the hair too? We need to stop this now before it becomes another swine flu-type panic. – Dlisted

I hope her people aren’t trusting her to pick out a competant ghostwriter by herself – Celebrity VIP Lounge

Seth Rogen, why didn’t you ever return Lindsay’s calls? Why isn’t IMG signing her? This is escalating into an emergency that Fornication ad spots and 69 spray tan can’t fix – Evil Beet