More Sarah Palin Turkey Slaughter Interviews To Come!

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen the infamous Sarah Palin turkey slaughter video that went viral last week. Sarah Palin visited her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska to ceremonially pardon a turkey and gave an interview afterward, during which an employee of the turkey farm crams turkeys head first into some sort of bird grinder/chipper thing.
Sarah Palin does an interview oblivious to a turkey slaughter behind her

The video has resulted in tons of publicity for Palin, most all of it in the form of ridicule or outrage. I think we’ll try our hand at the former.

In a surprise move, starcasm reporters have discovered that the predictably unpredictable Alaska governor is planning future interviews with similarly gruesome things in the background! Here’s a few of her planned stops:
Sarah Palin interviews at Guantanamo Bay

Sarah Palin interviews in the kitchen of Kirstie Alley

Sarah Palin interviews while Rosie O'Donnell slaughters a variety show

Here’s an amazingly prophetic cartoon by Mike Luckovich that came out before turkeygate – and some other folks making fun of the incident, including David Letterman’s “Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For the Turkey Slaughter.”

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