Miley and Billy Ray Fire-us

Rumors around the set of Disney’s television show “Hannah Montana” are that Miley and father Billy Ray are coming around to the rest of adult America’s way of thinking – they want themselves off the air.
Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus
According to TMZ the duo have been showing up to work late, “stalling production and infuriating cast and crew.” (Welcome to humanity, cast and crew!) Sources tell TMZ that Silly Ray is spreading word on the set that there will be 12 more episodes for the father-daughter team and then they’re done. That apparently didn’t go over well with Disney officials, who have the crynamic duo by the long hairs, and have reportedly added six more episodes to Billy and Miley’s contract.

“Hannah Montana” is an extremely popular television show, but the Cyrus family wants to focus on Miley’s music career. The young songstress is hugely popular among people with no bills or worldy experience, and has contributed a great deal to genetic research into the one hit wonder gene. Her success strongly suggests that the trait does skip generations.

*Special Note: This article features the often times poorly shaven Billy Ray Cyrus and follows an article on the similarly shadowy-faced delusionist David Blaine, which makes this the first stubble double-shot in the history of Can George Michael’s bathroom troubles make it three in a row?

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