Michael Lohan Sells Lindsay Lohan’s 16th Birthday Party Video

If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s Michael Lohan exploiting his daughter Lindsay for some cash to buy some more mesh shirts yet again! This time, he’s called his BFFs at Radar Online and sold home video footage of Lindsay celebrating her 16th birthday in Miami. Dina, or ‘White Oprah’ is there, and it is as, Radar points out, quite heartbreaking to watch a lively, cheerful Lindsay back when she had so much promise.

Of course, like with every time Michael Lohan ‘reaches out’ to his friends at various tabloids, he insists it’s to make things better for Lindsay:

“While I feel I have exhausted almost every avenue with hope of getting through to Lindsay and my other family members, I still hold hope and will not give up. It is by faith that I believe things WILL change. Notice the clarity, her demeanor, the closeness, the light in her eyes and the happiness. Notice what she– and things were like BEFORE!”

Anyway, what’s Lindsay up to now? Throwing Red Bull to paparazzi photographers in Milan and kissing Roberto Cavalli.. The actress has claimed she’s moving to London, since she needs constant tabloid attention to live. The UK’s Mirror is now reporting she’s dating a man, DJ Gareth Geno. Maybe Lindsay isn’t bisexual, but DJsexual? She’s only attracted to DJs? While Linds may be partying with this guy, I believe in true love, and her true love is Samantha Ronson. One day, they will be reunited!

Image: Fame Pictures

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