Meet the ladies from E’s ‘The Spin Crowd’

LOS ANGELES - AUG 19:  Erika Ledesma, Katie Mox, Summer Hill and Lauren Stoner arrives at the Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 5 Premiere Party at Trousdale on August 19, 2010 in West Los Angeles, CA Photo via Newscom

E! debuted a reality show all about the public relations world last night called “The Spin Crowd” that follows the day to day operations of one of the hottest PR firms going, Command PR.  Command is owned and operated by two young go-getters Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck but the real stars of the show are the office help in the form of four seriously delicious pieces of marketing savvy eye candy.  So who are these gals that keep Command commanding and will keep viewers tuned in to the new show?  Let’s find out shall we?

Here are the bios as provided by E from the show’s official site.

Erika Ledesma:

Erika Ledesma

Working at Command PR is Erika Ledesma’s first job. Erika knows nothing about PR and little about business culture in general. Simon Huck hired Erika because he saw a reflection of himself in her—someone with a strong moral core whom he can mold. However, Jonathan Cheban thinks Erika is “frumpy” and wants her to become a Hollywood “It” girl.

Erika is the “little sister” in the office, in awe of the other girls. Erika is in the middle of an intense love affair with her boyfriend, Christian, who lives in San Diego; they’ve been together for nine months and have never spent a day apart. Erika struggles to balance her career in L.A. and her Prince Charming in San Diego. Erika is the sweet, lovable girl next door, but—oops!—she cries awfully easily.

Katie Mox:

Katie Mox

Katie Mox is a celebrity PR veteran, having worked freelance for Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck numerous times in NYC. Although settled in NYC, Katie was recently pressured by Jonathan to move to Los Angeles to work in the new Command PR West office. Katie is extremely capable, loyal and hardworking.

After breaking it off with a cheating boyfriend, Katie has given up on men. Katie tries to stay positive but often expects the worst from the world, and so that is what she usually receives. Katie is devoted to Simon and is often mistaken for his twin sister. Katie is respectful of Jonathan but wise to his manipulative tricks. Katie believes she has seniority in the office and desires to manage it in Simon’s absence. Katie has no patience for her blonde bombshell coworker, Lauren Stoner

Summer Hill:

Summer Hill

The newest and youngest addition to Command PR, Summer Hill moved to the big city from Fresno to follow her dream of becoming a publicist. Summer’s goal is to own a PR company specializing in nonprofit charity events. Known as the “Rule Follower,” people either love or hate Summer. Likewise, first impressions are everything to her, and Summer Hill can tell right away if she isn’t going to get along with someone.

Extremely obsessive-compulsive, sanitizer is Summer Hill’s best friend. Summer doesn’t like dirt, and her purse is a necessity, carrying everything from a lint roller to an organizer to a stain-removing pen. Summer’s anxiety often gets the best of her, leading to panic attacks, so she’s never without a rescue inhaler. Currently single, Summer has high standards for her “perfect man,” which she claims is why she is solo.

Lauren Stoner:

Lauren Stoner

A former model, Lauren Stoner is an outspoken, confident, Southern blonde bombshell. Wildly attractive, men usually assume Lauren is an idiot, a perception she wants to overturn. After years spent as a VIP hostess in Miami, Lauren wants to use her brain instead of her looks and is ready for a real career. Lauren has been pestering Jonathan Cheban for a job for years, and he’s finally offering her a place in the new office.

UPDATE – I dug up a video of Laura Stoner doing a lingerie shoot! Check out Laura jigglin’ and wigglin’ in various sexy unmentionables, including a teeny tiny G-String HERE!

Although her PR experience isn’t as extensive as Katie’s, Lauren has infinite people skills and even more connections. Lauren is single, strictly by choice. Lauren finds that the other girls in the office are intimidated by her looks, sexual confidence and flirty relationship with Jonathan. Lauren’s goal of managing the office puts her directly at odds with like-minded Katie.

“The Spin Crowd” premiered on August 22nd, 2010 and airs Sunday nights on E at 10:30 EST.  The executive producer of “Spin” is no stranger to curves and Hollywood fame, miss Kim Kardashian.  There should be an endless amount of drama from these ladies as they all have their own professional agendas and goals and different means by which to attain them.  Kind of like your office but with much much hotter cubicle mates!

Top Photo: Newscom