Marmaduke Minus Marmaduke And Hagar Minus Hagar

As mentioned before in my Ziggy Minus Ziggy post, I tried my hand at the Garfield Minus Garfield phenomenon without much success. I kinda liked poor Ziggy getting cut out, but here are two that were a little less successful. First up is Marmaduke Minus Marmaduke in a dream sequence made a little bit dreamier without the infamous Great Dane (Click the image for a larger version):

Marmaduke Minus Marmaduke Dream World

Second up is the lovable plundering Viking known as Hagar. As I said before, I think these are pretty lame, but I have to admit the one where Lucky Eddie mysteriously and spontaneously launches made me laugh.

Hagar Minus Hagar comic strip

UPDATE – In honor of Cthy Guisewite retiring from her infamous “Cathy” comic strip I’ve created a couple “Cathy Minus Cathy” strips to preview what life will be like after October 3, 2010.


Check out Hagar the Horrible and Marmaduke online.

Or, buy one of those “book” things your grandparents keep talking about: