Mackenzie Phillips Guilty Of Cocaine Possession

One Day At A Time” actress Mackenzie Phillips will enter a drug program for 18 months after pleading guilty to one felony count of cocaine possession. She was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport on August 17th “carrying what appeared to be heroine and cocaine in baggies and balloons,” according to airport police. (Mackenzie Full Of Grace wasn’t the cleverest of mules, “hiding” her baggies in her pant leg) As a condition of her sentencing, the charges will be dismissed upon completion of the drug treatment program.

Mackenzie Phillips as Amy Winehouse on One Day At A Time

Mackenzie One-day-at-a-tinehouse has spent a lifetime in and out of treatment for alcohol and drug abuse, including her time on the 70’s sitcom that made her famous. They booted her off the show in 1980 but welcomed her back “post-rehab” in 1982. She starting using again and was fired for good from the show in 1983. In one of my favorite examples of entertainment industry acrimony, the writers of the show had Mackenzie’s character abandon her husband and child and disappear.


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