LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Sarah talks pregnancy, fake texts, Michael’s trip to Niagara Falls, and more

On Friday night’s episode of Love After Lockup, viewers got to see felonious Lothario Michael sweep Megan off her feet and right into their Niagara Falls hotel bed, where she happily surrendered her virginity as Michael debated on asking his “Queen” to marry him. Meanwhile, Michael’s wife Sarah is back in Farmington wondering where Michel went since he is not answering her calls or texts. Eventually, Michael gets a text that he can’t ignore as Sarah let’s him know that his parole officer is looking for him!

Right after the episode aired, Sarah took to Twitter to clarify some things — like EVERYTHING.

Lots of fans were wondering how Michael was able to afford a trip to Niagara Falls with Megan, including a nice hotel room, a boat trip, meals etc. Plus, Michael himself stated “I’m not like a ‘plan ahead’ person,” so how was it he was able to put that whole thing together?

“He didn’t plan or pay for sh*t!” Sarah tweeted. “I know this bcuz I was with him all day everyday up until then and he didn’t have any money.” She then added: “Also he has done a LOT for me always has … we did film some but I guess they didn’t wanna show it so y’all could act dumb.”

And what about those text messages from Sarah, including the one about his parole officer? “I can’t believe y’all actually BELIEVE THIS SH*T!!!” Sarah replied to a tweet with a screen cap of her texts on Michael’s phone. “That was not my text thread! Smh y’all make me sick especially him and the damn producers‼️”

If that text thread was fake, you have to hand it to the producers for going above and beyond by writing out the whole thing! Here’s a screen cap:

You can read a few of the texts allegedly from Sarah, including the one at the top that reads in part: “…just need you to talk to me about what to do today I work and Aviannah needs to be picked up.”

More texts purportedly from Sarah:

I got the oil if you need it also [blurry emoji]

Michal I actually have to talk to you for real can u pls call me or text me back…

I can see you’ve read my messages ?

Michael I have work soon… You need to be here with Aviannah so I can work [?]

Michael I have work!! Where r u?

Your P.O. contacted me and [you weren’t here] I don’t know where you are

Sarah continued to express her frustration at the creative license taken by producers, and also that she isn’t really allowed to talk much about it due to her contract:

I mean seriously Cmon!!!!!! How does no one see how he or they are trying to make me look like I’m the bad guy here f**k everyone involved seriously it makes me SICK!!!!!!?

And him and production clearly setting me up… and this is the perfect example. Like wtf!!! And you will see when I found out on the show.

As much as I would LOVE to state FACTS and truth about MY own god damn life … I’m on contract so trust me it’s extremely hard for me to sit here and take such criticism from people who don’t even know me or any part of the TRUTH

At some point y’all need to sit and think for a second how FAKE reality TV is ? How much is manipulation and dramatic .. I mean cmon people

Wow.. that ring … he ended up giving to me… how disgusting… ??‍♀️?

I never texted any of that sh*t!!!!! But f**k all of this I’m so damn over this show!!! And everyone involved!!! And all the people actually believing in his lies I just can’t anymore. TWITTER DELETED

And here are some interactions Sarah had with other Twitter users:

TWEET: And unfortunately little girls tend to get their dad’s karma but Sarah has to put her big girl panties on and stop blaming “reality tv”

SARAH: No one is blaming TV. I blame everyone involved period. Especially him. But my daughter will be fine. Life unfortunately is not harmless. All I can do is be there for my daughter in every way. I go through this sh*t and learn from it so she don’t have to then I’m ok with that! ?

TWEET: Soooo you looked stupid in the front of the world for “reality tv?” Lol oh you’ll sell yo soul SOUL ??‍♀️?

SARAH: Honey, you really are to obsessed with this to continue to sound and continue to bash me when all you see is 5 mins of me once a week. I would never be someone like you and for that I will rise above and continue to be happy

TWEET: You’ve been defensive and rude so I’m returning the favor I’m obsessed with love and hip hop chill you’ll have this 1 season and that’s it ?

SARAH: I would never want another season. I’m financially set regardless of the show or entertainment. It’s honestly not my thing. Idc if you buy it or not. You are someone I’ll never think about again.

TWEET: Not sure calling Us “Dumb” is a good thing. As far as his dating plans for Megan?…ppl have made comments wondering where did he get the $? I was thinking production set that up and paid for it. This is where “Dumb” comes in bc it was “Dumb” 4Megan and him to do that.

SARAH: Exactly. But it’s also not right to attack or bash me when I was just a loyal loving wife at the time… I’m a good woman. We all know that is not always respected. I took a shot and I can’t regret it just learn from it and move forward

TWEET: You just became his wife so with that sob story and you knew something about Megan

SARAH: I didn’t know anything about Megan if I did I would never ever ever continue with my relationship. I deserve better than that

Meanwhile, Megan was much more at peace with the episode as she shared some photos she took with Michael while at Niagara Falls and says that it was an “amazing day” regardless of how things eventually turned out:

If you are curious about Michael’s incarcerations status, I just checked and jail records indicate that he is still behind bars in Michigan after being arrested for narcotics possession in December. Prosecutors have already filed a motion stating they will be seeking a sentence enhancement based on this being Michael’s fourth felony charge, so it doesn’t appear as though Michael will be making any more romantic trips to Niagara Falls any time soon.

As far as whether or not Sarah is pregnant, she is still honoring her contract on that topic by not saying anything one way or the other. However, she did seemingly let something slip when she got into a heated Twitter feud with Megan back in December. “I am the victim and so are his kids,” she said of Michael. This was before there were any reports that Sarah might be pregnant, so I didn’t think anything about her use of the plural “kids” instead of just “kid” at the time.

Sarah also shared a tweet earlier this month that was definitely hinting at a second pregnancy. “Why do people think it just takes a woman to get pregnant?????” she wrote in response to those criticizing her for potentially getting pregnant again with Michael so soon after his release. “Smh. I had that man for years before we got pregnant the first time… and that was on purpose on BOTH ends. Ignorant.” Hmmmm… “before we got pregnant the first time.”

Sarah revealed that she was secretly taking birth control because Michael wanted to have kids right away, and she also stated that she would not have considered an abortion or adoption. “If I got pregnant of course I would keep my child,” she wrote on Instagram. “No question. That’s my child… I’m a great mommy I do what I can always will no matter the situation. It’s not like it would be the child’s fault everything is f**ked up.”

She later added that fans will know the answer soon. “I can’t answer if I got pregnant again or not. You just have to wait another episode or two,” she wrote in the same Instagram comment thread.

To find out if Sarah is pregnant or not, and to see the highly anticipated moment when Megan and Sarah find out about each other, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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