Lou Reed diss causes Susan Boyle to flee ‘America!’

While Lou Reed and Susan Boyle may both be honorary members of the “hard to look at music star club,” Reed apparently wanted nothing to do with Susan Boyle singing any of his songs.

TMZ is reporting that Reed refused to allow British singing sensation Susan Boyle to perform a version of his song “Perfect Day” for an upcoming airing of America’s Got Talent.  Boyle was so devastated by the diss that she left the stage, the city of Los Angeles and the whole freaking United States of America!

Why would Lou get all dirty boulevard on Boyle?  According to sources he simply isn’t a fan.  I say way to go Lou Reed for standing by your art!  I have to admit that I’ve found myself a little surprised by some of the songs that have appeared on shows like Talent and American Idol.  I would see some doe-eyed kid singing some classic and think, “was so-and-so all right with this show using their song?”  Well Lou Reed ain’t taking that walk on the wild side for nobody!

Here is Lou Reed performing “Perfect Day” from back in 1998 in a clip from Sessions at West 54th Street:

After seeing that I’m even more in Reed’s corner.

Top Image:  Diane Cohen – Fame Pictures / Barcroft – Fame Pictures