Lou Diamond Phillips Declared Winner Of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

All hail Lou Diamond Phillips, the 2009 winner of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and the indisputable c-list King of the Jungle!

Lou Diamond Phillips wins I'm A Celebrity

There’s not much to say about Lou Diamond’s victory – it was kind of anti-climactic really. Most of the show was highlights from the season and a little bit of jibber jabber with the past contestants that had come back (all of them minus Frangela) John Salley was the first eliminated, leaving Torrie Wilson and La Bamba. There wasn’t too much of a ceremony and they didn’t reveal the final numbers, although they did say it was very close between the final two. They announced Lou Diamond as the winner and that was pretty much it.

Check out this great article by Vera from over at I’m Not Obsessed. She won some sort of I’m A Celebrity contest and was allowed to visit Costa Rica and hang out with the hosts during the final days of filming. How didn’t I hear about that?!? There should be an internet competition called I’m A Celebrity Blogger Get Me Out Of Here which isn’t televised but instead, the contestants just blog about their experience and get voted on by readers. It could be video blog hosted by Torrie Wilson and the star-faced Kimberley Vlaeminck! I digress…

You can also read my coverage of the show (written in front of my television right here in the good ol’ US of A) and watch complete episodes here.

Here’s a great still from the second-to-last episode in which Patti Blagojevich is addressing the possibility Stephen Baldwin might be quitting the show. (Thanks to NBC and a noisy river for the captioning)

Patti Blagojevich talks about letting down voters

I confess I was heartbroken when the announcement was made, as I was whole-heartedly pulling for Torrie to take the crown. (What is it with me and second-place finishers?) Anyway, here is a little photo montage memorial of the former pro wrestling jungle nymph Torrie Wilson:

Torrie Wilson Gallery

Thanks for being on the show Torrie – and know that starcasm is now a huge fan and you can count on us if you’re ever in need of a kind word from the interwebs!