LISTEN Ke$ha’s “Tease Me” rips off… Real housewife Gretchen Rossi?!?

CD single cover art for Gretchen Christine Rossi's song Revelation

I posted the leaked Ke$ha single “Tease Me” earlier today which starts off with a grungy, chainsaw-inspired riff that sounded oddly familiar. After fumbling around online a bit I discovered exactly where I had heard that song before (thanks to OhNoTheyDidn’t) and it was none other than Real Housewives of Orange County star Gretchen Rossi! (Or should I say Gretchen Ro$$i?)

What’s that? You didn’t even know Gretchen released a song? Yep, in addition to launching a makeup line and her own line of handbags, Gretchen has released a couple songs over the last year and a half in an attempt to follow in the flawless footsteps of “Tardy for the Party” gal Kim Zolciak from the ATL. In January of 2010 the possible future Mrs. Slade Smiley released a ballad titled “Nothing Without You” as a tribute to her late fiancee Jeff Beitzel.

She followed that up in April of this year with a more raucous single titled “Revelation” (under the name Gretchen Christine) that uses the same exact grunge track as the Ke$ha single “Tease Me” leaked earlier today. Here are the two songs – first up is Ke$ha and then Gretchen. It won’t take you but a few seconds to hear they are identical:

To be fair to Ke$ha there has been no official word where “Tease Me” came from or even that it was ever intended to be released. Still, it’s a bit wince-worthy to have one of your songs – official or not – with the same music as a Real Hosuewife! (Kandi Burruss aside) Now, if we could just dig up that Britney Spears single with the music of “Money Can’t Buy You Class!”

UPDATE – My co-worker (and resident Gretchenologist) just informed me that Gretchen Rossi was performing “Revelation” (with the same music track) in clubs as early as August of 2010 when this video was uploaded to Youtube: