Lindsay Lohan was addicted to Adderall after all

42206, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday July 2 2010. Lindsay Lohan arrives late for her birthday day party, so when her car gets pulled over by police she jumps out and leaves her assistant to pick up the ticket!! Lilo was reportedly two hours late in arriving for her 24th birthday party at Beso in West Hollywood. Her assistant was driving the SUV when it got pulled over outside Beso - Lindsay made a sharp exit and made her way into the restaurant - leaving Elinore to deal with the police!Lindsay recently re-hired her assistant, known only as Elinore, after she resigned in June supposedly due to the eratic hours and odd behaviour involved with the job. Photograph:   David Tonnessen,

In a round-about way doctors are confirming what we’ve known for years, Lindsay Lohan is addicted to Adderall, a common prescription stimulant people use to keep slim and be productive (emphasis on the slim part).

It’s an amphetamine, basically speed, but can medically be used to treat ADD. It’s a common racket for college students, people in high pressure jobs, and  people who want help staying slender, to complain of ADD symptoms to get the drug.

The doctors at the UCLA rehab facility think that Lindsay was “misdiagnosed” with ADD, and say that the Adderall is what caused all of her crazy behavior over the years.

Like any addiction to amphetamines, Adderall abuse can cause high-strung, erratic behavior. If you want a good demonstration of that behavior, watch Spun.