Lindsay Lohan Sued For Kidnapping Under The Influence

Lindsay Lohan is being sued by three men for commandeering their SUV in July of 2007 (with them inside) and taking them on a cocaine and alcohol induced death-defying trip in hot pursuit of Lohan’s recently fired assistant. The suit claims that the three men’s lives were endangered and allegations also include false imprisonment, battery, and negligence.

Lindsay Lohan Sued DUI

Why complain? A similar ride for three adults at nearby Disneyland would set you back about $100 and five hours waiting in line.

The former assistant’s mother was also in the vehicle being chased and she called police before leading Lohan right to a police station, where the joy ride ended and LiLo was arrested for driving under the influence, her second DUI in less than 90 days. (How are there any pedestrians alive along the California coast?!?! And we just know about the drunk or high celebrities that get caught!)

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