VIDEO Apple Watts dancing for Tyga in the club, plus throwback stripping pics

Apple Watts dancing 2

Apple Watts is unquestionably the breakout star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5. Though that success means she’s that Apple Watts dancing is a thing of the past (for now, at least), viewers were introduced to Apple via the twerking she did for A1. And her days as a stripper — something she seems pretty eager to leave behind — continue to inform her actions on the show. (For info on her children and baby daddy, click here for our full Apple Watts bio.)

Video of Apple onstage is a sight to behold

It’s actually surprising to note that there aren’t too many videos of Apple dancing from her heyday, though we were able to uncover a few. The most intriguing and / or exciting of these is a 2012 clip from Los Angeles club Sin City featuring Apple and at least a half-dozen of her fellow dancers shaking it all for Tyga.

(Before you chuckle too much: it’s important to note that 2012 was Tyga’s professional peak. “Rack City,” his biggest hit, had just been released, and he wasn’t yet allegedly bankrupt and dependent upon Kylie Jenner for six-figure loans.)

Because this particular Apple Watts dancing video features some NSFW content, we can’t embed it within this article. To view it, you’ll have to view it via YouTube here. However, we can show you a screencap, if only to prove that the clip exists. That’s not Apple to the lower right, but it’s impossible to miss Tyga having the time of his life:

Apple Watts dancing 1

Additionally, here’s a pair of pics of Apple at the same club from the same period — mid-2012:

Apple Watts dancing 2012 1

Apple Watts dancing 2012 2

Why is Apple Watts called The Bottle Girl?

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans were quick to notice a curious omission in Apple’s official introductory video. While she does bring up her past as a dancer, either Apple glosses over or the producers edited out one important detail: How did Apple get her nickname, “The Bottle Girl”?

The introductory video, which you can view for yourself here, features Apple saying the following on the topic:

I’m very energetic onstage. I have this one bottle trick, so they call me ‘the Bottle Girl.’…I’m just different.

And…that’s it. From there, it’s literally all business, as Apple goes on to discuss her desire to make it big in the music industry.

Naturally, we had to do a little digging 🙂 And it turns out that Apple got her nickname for a very good reason — one that, unfortunately, we also can’t show you within this article, since it’s also pretty NSFW. We can confirm, however, that Apple Watts became known as “The Bottle Girl” thanks to her talent of picking up a bottle of Hennessy using only the cheeks of her ass.

(To see the footage of Apple doing so, click here. Again, it’s a YouTube link, so you don’t have to worry about NSFW ads 😉 )

To see more of Apple in action without having to look over your shoulder, tune in to new episodes of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5, Monday nights at 8 on VH1.

(Photo credits: Apple Watts dancing via YouTube, Twitter)

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