LaToya re-releases her song “Home” for Michael Jackson – available July 28 on itunes [LISTEN NOW]

Janet Jackson

BARM/Fame Pictures

LaToya Jackson recorded the hokey “Home” for her family back in the day and now Bungalo Records is releasing the the song as a tribute to Michael through iTunes. According to the AP the proceeds will go a charity Michael supported: AIDS Project LA.

The song itself is really lame. Tremendously, horribly lame. She would have been better off recording an off-key version of Billy Jean wearing nothing but a white sequined glove. Actually the outfit she’s wearing above is a pretty good tribute. She should break that out of the closet. To her favor, LaToya will not be doing any publicity for the song. Also the current album she’s been working on has been put on hold.

If you don’t believe me or you just like to torture yourself, listen below:

LaToya has recently stated that she believes her brother’s death is a murder, and that she knows who’s responsible. According to her, Michael was surrounded by manipulative and greedy people who wanted Michael’s money and could get more from him dead than they ever could if he stayed alive. Just like anything surrounding Michael Jackson’s life and death, it sounds plausible. Whether or not someone intentionally murdered him, the doctors who supplied his drugs (especially Propofol) and the people who turned a blind eye while he took massive amounts of these dangerous drugs are to blame as well.

~ Carrie Glass