Lance Armstrong tweets Outside Magazine cover is ‘lame bullsh+t’

According to my calculations, legendary cyclist and testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong has been on 478,349 magazine covers.  Apparently #478,350 really ticked him off.  Lance took his ire over the recent cover for Outside Magazine right to his Twitter page posting the following tweet upside your head:

That type of roid-rage outburst certainly will not quell all those steroid accusations that are floating around Mr. Armstrong.  If you’ll notice in the small lettering on the cover (above) it actually says that the shirt is “not Armstrong’s real T-shirt.”  38 is his age and BFD is an acronym for “big fu*king deal.”

I think I’m gonna side with the seven-time Tour de France champion on this one.  At least run it by the guy before pulling the trigger.  Hopefully magazine #478,351 will not be so reckless with their five-hundred in a lifetime opportunity to feature Lance on their cover.