Kourtney Kardashian Lost All Her Baby Weight In Three Months

Getting pregnant is such a jackpot for female celebrities! Did anyone even care about the Kardashian sisters (minus Kim, of course) until Kourtney got pregnant? She had a ton of press for her baby bump and now gets a ton more for losing the weight she gained.

Naturally, Kourtney has parlayed her magical weight loss (no doubt helped by a little Photoshop) to Life and Style. In addition to losing almost 33 pounds, Kourtney has a new weight-loss shake to sell! In the interview with the piece, Kourtney says she’s not quite at her goal weight yet. She weighs a morbidly obese 107 pounds, and is hoping to get down to 100. Pobrecita! Do you think she has to shop at Lane Bryant?

While Kourtney may play it off that all is well with her boyfriend Scott Disick in the Life and Style piece, it looks like the couple is not doing so hot. Miami Herald reports that Scott checked into a spa last week and is giving Kourtney her space. Her step-dad Bruce Jenner wants him to go, saying: “I still can’t figure it out. Again, they are adults. Kourtney is 30 years old now and they have a baby, Mason. Great kid — Scott could leave. Honestly, I wonder about that because I look at him and some of the things that he has done have been so stupid.”

Image: Fly Net