Kim Kardashian finally discovered the SERIAL podcast ‘Is he guilty or innocent?!?!’ ?️‍♀️

It’s been four long year since the gripping true crime podcast Serial took the world by storm and fostered a million more true crime podcasts trying to fill the void it left in audio entertainment. Even Serial podcast itself hasn’t bene able to live up to the fervor it initially unleashed with its inaugural season.

Everyone turned detective and developed their own theories, and the podcast even influenced the justice system, who set the podcasts’ subject, Adnan Syed, up for a new trial in 2016. The case is still dragging on but now that Kim Kardashian is reviewing the details maybe the we can all finally find out if Adnan Syed really did murder Hae Min Lee in 1999.

Of course, Kim K’s Twitter audience unleashed on her, mostly in good fun, but it doesn’t really matter what year we consume media. Does watching Citizen Kane in 2018 mean we’re 77 years too late? What about reading Shakespeare? Good stuff is good stuff.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor