Kim Cattrall to receive honorary doctorate degree

The cast and guests arrive to the 'Sex And The City 2' premiere at Radio City Music Hall on May 24 2010 in New York City, NY. Kim Cattrall 53 looked elegant and dressed appropriately for her age. Suzanne Somers, 63 however looked as though she may have been trying a little too hard to keep up with that younger crowd. Fame Pictures, Inc

Kim Cattrall has announced that she will be receiving an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Liverpool later this year.  The British-born actress and current  star of Sex and the City 2 is excited about the honor:

“I was born there and have a lot of family there. I can’t wait to get into a gown and wear one of those caps. Very sexy.”

Many of Kim’s fans may not be aware that she has a background in academia having written a book on human sexuality, Sexual Intelligence, that also spawned a film of the same name.  Here is a clip from Sexual Intelligence in which Kim discusses the historical implications and manifestations of the phallus while she dances on the tip of a 2,000 year old 26 ft. long penis carved into a English hillside:

Cattrall, 53, will be spending additional time in Liverpool this autumn as she takes the stage as Cleopatra in a a production of “Anthony and Cleopatra” along with Jeffrey Kissoon at the city’s Everyman Theatre.  She is a big fan of the stage and is excited about the opportunity.  She said,  “Cleopatra’s such a fascinating woman to explore and I’m excited to get back to doing Shakespeare.”

Top Photo: Fame Pictures