Kevin Bacon Now Separated By One Degree From Mugger And BlackBerry Thief

Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon has had a bad year. First, he and his wife Kyra Sedgwick found out they were victims of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme and now someone has stolen his BlackBerry.

The New York Post reports Bacon was at a Seventh Avenue subway station Thursday when someone swiped his cell. Sources tell the Post that KBay gave chase but lost the ‘Berry bandit in the crowd.

I shelled out some big dolla dolla bill y’all and was able to get security camera footage from the incident! Check it out below – amazing stuff!

Kevin Bacon Blackberry theft video

This post was a valuable lesson in blogging for me. I learned to never decide what to write about when I’m really, really, really hungry! I was glancing through the headlines and the Bacon/BlackBerry combo seemed like a scrumptious idea. But, after a good deal of photoshopping and a meal, my belly was full and my idea wasn’t all that funny. (It reminds me of an average Saturday Night Live skit, only shorter) I debated on tossing it in the garbage like a bad casserole, but decided I would go ahead and serve it up.