Kelly LeBrock: “shocking” things about ex-husband Steven Seagal in tell-all book

Kelly LeBrock

The recent allegations of sexual harassment against actor Steven Seagal come as no surprise to his ex-wife Kelly LeBrock who tells TMZ, “I have many shocking things to say about Mr. Seagal which will be known soon when my book comes out.” But she stopped short of leaking any of the details claiming, “I will refrain from saying anything specific now because of our 3 children.”

A Kelly LeBrock book is coming out?!? It had better be a glossy over-sized coffee table book with 90% photos from the set of Weird Science!” Sadly, my guess it will be yet another D-List tell-all with names of dudes she slept with, detailed descriptions of 1980s cocaine parties, Steven Seagal’s foot fetish and how hard it is being a modern day mom. (I tried to find out more about this alleged book without any luck. I’m sure they are putting the rush on it with all the Seagal mess of late.)

Just in case you’re so old you forgot or too young to remember, here is the puberty goddess herself from 1985’s Weird Science doing what she does best: standing in a doorway:

Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science
Kelly LeBrock was pwning doorways before pwning was a word!

In case you missed it, Seagal’s executive assistant for three days Kayden Nguyen recently sued the star for treating her like a “sex toy” and sexually assaulting her three times in three days while filming his reality series Steven Seagal Lawman on location in New Orleans. The accusation brought attention to a slew of similar accusations about Seagal that surfaced in 1998, including Jenny McCarthy!

LeBrock and Seagal were married from 1987 to 1994 and have three children together.

Wonder what Kelly LeBrock looks like now? For one thing, it appears as though she has had some weird science done to her face and lips! Here she is earlier this month at the 42nd Annual Academy of Magical Arts Awards:

42nd Annual Academy Of Magical Arts Awards - Arrivals

And the “Lady in Red” also looks like she might have an issue fitting through a doorway now:

Kelly LeBrock looks to have put on some weight

Just kidding! Don’t start leaving hateful comments accusing me of chauvinism and the media of creating unrealistic expectations for young women! (An issue I think Weird Science addresses quite well by the fact that Kelly LeBrock was created with a computer and voodoo doll – clearly no real women actually look like that!) Heh heh!

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