Just one problem with Justin Bieber’s new love interest, Jordan Ozuna… She’s still married!

Jordan Ozuna Married

As video footage shows, Justin Bieber and Jordan Ozuna were oblivious to the outside world while engaging in a little kiss-‘n’-cuddle session at an indoor skydiving facility in Las Vegas last week. There’s just one pesky little detail looming over their budding romance: Jordan is still legally married to her high-school sweetheart, Daniel Ozuna!

“I’m not surprised,” Kim Ozuna, Jordan’s estranged mother-in-law, said disapprovingly in an interview with Celebuzz.

According to Kim, Daniel and Jordan married right out of high school in 2010. They separated more than a year ago and are “probably in the process of getting divorced.” The proceedings are likely complicated by the fact Daniel is currently serving overseas in the military.

Although things have soured between Jordan and Daniel, the Internet never forgets. Back when she was a newlywed, Jordan — who goes by “Jiordian Ozuna” online — gushed about her husband on Formspring.

“I love my man,” she said in response to a question about why she married so young. “When you know you just know.”

On the no holds barred account, Jordan admitted she lost her virginity to Daniel. She also reminisced about the proposal and nabbing her wedding dress. Of their life together, Jordan said the couple would move every two years for Daniel’s military career.

That was around the same time Jordan’s modeling career was taking off — possibly thanks to the breast implants she boasted about getting. Her last response was in November 2010, so it’s unclear why the lovebirds’ relationship fell apart.

However, Jordan’s clearly very ambitious and also very young… It’s understandable she may have desired some freedom to pursue her dreams. In fact, she claims to be unwilling to sacrifice her independence for one of the top pop stars!

“I wanna clarify something, I think you already know that’s about JB,” she wrote on Facebook yesterday. “So guys, it’s nothing between me and him, we are just friends that’s all. He is busy with his new music, I’m busy with other things and that’s all.”

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