Jude Law’s baby with Samantha Burke to be named Sophia [VIDEO]


Image credit: Matrix / Flynet

Jude Law’s new, much talked-about baby with the lovely Samantha Burke is going to be named Sophia.

Samantha’s lawyers have spoken out about how supportive Jude is being during this process despite no longer being with Samantha. Samantha’s mother, Lea, recently made statements to the contratry, saying that Samantha was “terrified” to tell Jude about the baby. Samantha’s lawyers claim that those statements were taken out of context. The lawyers’ statement also emphasize that Samantha will not be granting any interviews despite being much sought after.

I’m not sure I believe that Samantha will keep her lips sealed forever. She’s certainly generating quite a buzz, which is what most aspiring actresses and models would kill for. I say do the interviews, put on your best face, and rocket your career. This is your chance, girl, work that hustle.

Sophia is due October 6.

Check out Samantha’s baby bump here.

See Jude Law’s baby Sophia here.

Watch Samantha Burker and her lawyer below:

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