Joe Jonas’ New Girlfriend: Camilla Belle

Joe Jonas isn’t about to let abstinence cramp his style! It seems like only yesterday he was splitting up with Taylor Swift and rumor has it ol’ JoeJo already has another fling to get really really really excited about, and then nothing. This time it’s 10,000 BC actress Camilla Belle.

JoeJo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn’t last.
Joejo left his ho from Wyomissing Pennsylvania
For some Camilla Belle a– ummm smooches.
Get back, get ba-a-ack.

Fun time! I browse, you browse, we all browse for eyebrows! See if you can guess which brow beard is which! (One belongs to JoeJo, the other is Camilla’s.)

Joe Jonas eyebrow unibrow

Camilla Belle eyebrows
allimaC.B oJeoJ.A :rewsnA

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