Joe Jonas And Camilla Belle Break Up! Video Of Joe Removing Necklace

(UPDATE) The Joe Jonas-lovin’ little Nancy Drews were right! Joe and girlfriend Camilla Belle have split confirms Camilla’s representative, Brad Cafarelli to, “ Yes, it’s true, they have broken up. There is no third party involved and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.” Props to the Jonas investigators who were on this a week ago! (Read more about that below)

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Camilla Belle break up

Young girls everywhere take a deep breath…there are signs that Joe Jonas and girfriend Camilla Belle have split! The first indication was when Joe removed the necklace given to him by Camilla during a concert in Boston a week ago. (See video below) And the second clue came last night in Detroit when Joe Jonas reportedly broke out into tears on a couple occasions, and even changed some of the words around!

Perez Hilton is reporting that the lyric formerly thought to be taking a dig at Taylor Swift: “now I see everything I’d ever need is the girl in front of me” in the song “Much Better” was changed to “…girls in front of me,” which would suggest Camilla is now lumped in with Taylor! Also, during the same song, Joe changed “Get a rep for breakin’ hearts, now I’m done with superstars” to “Get a rep for breakin hearts, now I’m done with movie stars.” Zing!

Now, this is either the result of some mighty fine detective work on the part of some young female Joe Jonas-lovin’ detectives, or it is simply the result of some wishful thinking on the part of some over-zealous young female Joe Jonas-lovin’ detectives. Either way, kudos on a job well done! We need you girls workin’ in homicide!

Here’s a montage of the bling removal (Click to zoom in):

Joe Jonas takes off his necklace

Here’s a video from the JoBros’ Boston show during which Joe removed his necklace. (The event takes place at around the 3:04 mark)

There are some commenters on the video over at youtube that claim Joe does this often as a regular part of the show. Any of you Jonas Brothers fans wanna help ol’ starcasm get the facts straight? Let us know!

****UPDATE! – Here’s a tearful Joe Jonas at last night’s show in Detroit!

Do you think Joe Jonas is better than Prince? Better than Madonna? Better than Elvis?!? Then go vote for the boys at this fun site that has created a tournament of pop stars! (The Jonas Brothers are currently up against Carrie Underwood, which they might be able to handle without any help. But it looks like Britney is waiting in the next round and eventually Michael Jackson! The JoBros need your help!)

Oh, and here are some photos of Camilla Belle and tennis pro Fernando Verdasco being pretty intimate back in March:

Camilla Belle and tennis pro Fernando Verdasco getting intimate over lunch

Camilla Belle and tennis pro Fernando Verdasco getting intimate

Camilla Belle and tennis pro Fernando Verdasco getting intimate

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