Joaquin Phoenix Still Serious About Retiring From Acting

As mentioned in an earlier Starbuzz, Joaquin Phoenix says he is retiring, and he iterated the point at last night’s premiere of what may be his final movie, “Two Lovers.” To demonstrate just how serious he is, Phoenix spelled out “BYE!” and “GOOD” between his knuckles with a pen! (The inverse wording would indicate that the concept of perspective confused the rocker)

Joaquin Phoenix retires from acting to pursue music

Our investigative reporters could find out nothing about Joaquin’s “band” so we thought we would make our own suggestions for a name:

The Ego-Gos
The Joaquinks
Sasha Fierce
Joaquin Phoenick Jonas
Big and Rich
Spice Guys
The Bruce Willis Don Johnson Eddie Murphy Keanu Reeves Project
Walk The Lie

****UPDATE – SpaceRace is right in the comment below – Joaquin’s band is called The Lady Is A Tramp.

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