Joaquin Phoenix Phakes Phight With Phists Of Phury

Joaquin Fauxnix is at it again. This episode features Spoof Daddy on stage getting heckled by a crowd member to which he responds, “I’ve got millions of dollars in my f**king bank account. What do you got?” And then he jumps down and the pummeling begins. Read all about it in this months issue of The Jigisup magazine. Or watch the video here:

(If you’d like a different take on Joaqy Balboa’s high-on-smackdown, TMZ has another, unedited version from a different vantage point)

I thought starcasm was completely done with Joaquin’s silliness after the Top Ten Joaquin Phoenix Rapper Names post, but I’ve obtained an exclusive preview of the cover art for the eventual straight-to-dvd release of this mockumentary and felt obligated to share it with the interwebs.

Joaquin Phoenix fake rap career documentary DVD cover

Meh. It might of been a funny movie if we weren’t all forced to watch it in real time over the course of an entire year.

(Oh, and speaking of ridiculously hilarious documentaries about fake musical identities, where’s the Behind the Music – Chris Gaines DVD?!?!)

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