Jessica Simpson’s daughter’s name revealed!

Jessica Simpson pregnant

Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson have reportedly been struggling to come up with a name for their as yet unborn daughter, but a source close to the couple says they have reached an agreement on aname that will certainly raise some eyebrows! (No, It’s not Violet Ivy.) Jessica’s Simpson’s daughter’s name will be…


Yup. “They’re going to call her Maxwell, Maxi for short,” a friend tells In Touch. Maxwell is Eric’s middle name, and also his beloved grandma’s maiden name. “Jessica wanted a name with meaning.”

I’m a fan of Jessica Simpson and I often find myself defending her on this site, but naming your daughter Maxwell? I dunno about that. I’m a little worried about an inverse gender incident similar to the one so famously sung about by Johnny Cash in “A Boy Named Sue.”

(FYI – “A Boy Named Sue” was written by Shel Silverstein, the author of such classics as Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree. Cue the “Did You Know?” music!)

Erica and Jessica also “tossed around a lot of names, including some wacky ones like Zinfandel,” the friend says.

But hey, this is America right? You can name your child whatever you want! (Except for Adolph Hitler) Best wishes to Eric, Jessica and little Maxwell! Let’s hope that baby comes soon, though, because I don’t think Jessica can get much bigger! (The photo at the top is from January 7!)

**Ed note: Asa, the original author of this piece had a strong reaction to the name “Maxwell,” and even the nickname “Maxi,” but it doesn’t sound all that crazy to the rest of us at Starcasm, especially the nickname Maxi – very cute!